Friday, August 5, 2016

Random Thoughts on Kashmir

1) One can only laugh at the appalling naivety of some so called ‘political analysts’ of Kashmir who use the word ‘political uncertainty’ to describe present crises. Where is this damn uncertainty? Uncertainty, as we understand it is used in situations where the outcomes of a particular action can’t be predicted. Here, a six-year-old young boy and holding Burhan’s picture in one hand and a stone in the other can predict with certainty the outcomes of his action. Death or Aazadi ! No vagueness, whatsoever.

2) Signs of an effective revolution: First, enemy will try co-opt you through various forms of inducements. Second, he resorts to senseless violence on the streets, third, rampant arrests irrespective of age, gender and caste, fourth aggressive military action against media and the ‘intellectuals’. Fifth, attack on doctors and those delivering essential services. And sixth and lastly giving rambling excuses for the justification of the above actions.

3) The concept of ‘good’ life in our settings: here heart is enslaved, head is caged, hands are chained, thinking is manipulated, breathing spied and seeing an offense. The concept of flourishing is like this: writings bring you the wrath, creativity invites cages, art attracts artillery, beauty attracts bullets and life loves the lance.

4) Without an iota of ambiguity, people in Kashmir are very explicit in their demand. And this demand is evidently expressed to the world this time. However, the dangers of an intellectual drought are also hovering. Ideas and brains it seems are disconnected. Thus, the need of the hour is to overcome this intellectual inertia/dryness and establish a surviving link between the two once for all.

5) When soul is caged, the world becomes a prison. No doubt, I could see a bustling city with moving cars and colorful lights around me, but trust me these all reminds me of the detention center where my soul, peace and agency is imprisoned.

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