Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Recruitment Policy in Kashmir

This is in response to the news item “Govt notifies modalities under new recruitment rules SSB asked to re-advertise posts” dated 28th Nov. 2010. These new modalities are dubious, destructive and of course discouraging and preposterous. It will not be wrong to call it a ‘new form of state terrorism'. Indeed it is a new experiment to exploit and to subjugate the talent of the valley. This strategy is yet another farce game with the people of Kashmir who are yet to get healed of the faulty socio-economic policies adapted by our state. Had the government been serious enough to tackle the problem of unemployment, it would never have devised such a meritocratic and divisive policy. The policy is utterly undemocratic and ‘exclusive’ as in the first place it distances the common man of Kashmir from the basic right to live with dignity and honor.

With these new modalities the so called “civilian” government is trying to encourage more corruption in the valley as these modalities are housing the seeds that will bloom an already bloomed corruption in Kashmir. Look at the corruption rate in Jammu and Kashmir. We are already top in South Asia, and I am sure with this new salary modality, we will top the world. What the heck this new decision of the government is? How can they, the 'bureaucrats' and 'politicians' expect a teacher, and a health worker to live on such a meager salary of Rs. 4000 for five years? This decision of the government needs to be condemned and all those who have formulated such a drab policy deserve to be castigated. It is these bureaucrats and politicians who by expropriating the state's resources have created a financial famine in the state, have created a situation where they can easily exploit the future generations. If these 'graduate bureaucrats', and ' ignoramus politicians' are so concerned about Kashmir, let they start charity from their homes. Let they stop taking bribe, let they settle on less salary, let they spent less on fuel, office maintenance, security, and what not. It is certainly the fallout of the bad governance that our State is in the mess, financial condition is worse, local industries are dying, water bodies decaying, natural resources depleting, forests are deforested and resources are destroyed. And now with this faulty employment policy they want to attack on the 'human resource', the last hope of the state. Very unfortunate! This decision reflects how corruption, dictatorship and bad governance is the hallmark of our state. Shall we call it a new form of state terror, or the ' failure of the state' or the reflection of the drab state policies. This new policy actually is inherently ‘exclusive’ in nature as it tends to keep out those who live at the bottom of the economic pyramid. It will be wrong to say that this policy will overhaul the unemployment mess in Kashmir; rather it will worsen the current situation. This new salary policy will hit hard the common man and the economy. He will have no alternatives, no choices, and no satisfaction. He will be determined by the state to live in a miserable condition and die as such. He will be financially jeopardized, he will be craving…The demand curve will come down, the economy and the local market will face a new threat. A new disaster is inevitable.
So come and protest this new form of state terror.
Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad , Muzaffar Ali are Research Scholars at the School of Social Sciences, JNU, New Delhi and can be reached at

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