Saturday, January 7, 2012

AFSPA and Indian-ness


This is in reaction to an article 'Save us from squinted views : AFSPA Revocation is to be seen from all possible perspectives' by Binoo Joshi dated 25th Oct 2011. The writer has very cleverly tried to justify AFSPA in the valley albeit he has raised few questions in his well drafted conceit. AFSPA, the worst draconian law which gives Army officers legal immunity for raping, killing ,and humiliating anyone irrespective of sex, creed and cast also empowers Army to intervene in the civilian affairs of the government. AFSPA, according to Joshi is to fight counter-insurgency so to bring law and order in a so called “disturbed” area. But let me correct the writer, that AFSPA is not to fight counter insurgency but is a violence to institute “Indian-ness” or the legitimacy of “Indian State” in specific areas and their inhabitants wherein the “Indian-ness” is a problem. Why AFSPA is not imposed in the disturbed areas of Central India where according to Indian Home Minister 'the most violent movement worst than terrorism or insurgency is going on' ? The reason is simple, the people there are compatible with the “Indian-ness' and the people of the valley are not. Second, revocation of AFSPA technically means a transition in the political space from so called "disturbed" area to "peaceful" area. So if AFSPA is revoked from valley then with AFSPA, Army too has to leave, which i see is very difficult for New Delhi to do. That is the reason New Delhi defense heads rushed to valley to calm down CM Omar, who a few days back said that AFSPA will be revoked from few places in Kashmir. Anyways let's see who is more powerful in Kashmir, the government which claims to represent the aspirations of the people or the Army.

S. Fayaz Ahmad

Halmatpora, Kupwara

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